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Dexter Morgan; blood spatter analyst.
17 October 2025 @ 01:49 pm
Dexter's City-given power is psychometry. This will only work in person and he has to be in direct contact with a person or object. Upon touching them he will get flashes, feelings or visions. If you want or don't want him to see anything specific let me know here. If for some reason you don't want Dexter to see anything let me know here. If not I will fill in the blanks from what I know of your characters canon, but I will never outright infomod without PMing you first. These visions or feelings can be of the past present or future.

Dexter is an accomplished hacker and computer expert. However, he is self-taught and can make mistakes. If for any reason Dexter can not hack your character let me know here. I will PM you if he finds the need to hack, he probably won't unless he finds your character suspicious. However lol, he is paranoid :(

Dexter only kills people whom he knows have killed, and often who he suspects will kill again. He needs to prove this beyond his own reasonable doubt. If your character is a bad guy, his danger sensing will let him know almost immediately, but from there expect stalking, breaking and entering, and gathering evidence. Let me know here if you want Dexter to catch onto your character. If I think he's about to get close to something, I WILL PM YOU.

Furthermore, please fill out this short form:

done c:
Dexter Morgan; blood spatter analyst.
17 October 2024 @ 01:33 pm
How's my driving? Anything you like, don't like, hate or love, feel free to tell me. I want your opinions. Anon-commenting on, IP-logging off.


Backtagging: Always welcome and even encouraged.
Threadhopping: Allowed for all public comments; ask for private, locked or encrypted.
Offend: Offend away.
Fourthwalling: Please don't ever.
Gore: Please do c: c:

Hugging / Touching / Flirting: You're welcome to try lmao...
Fighting / Injuring / Killing: yes / yes / ask first
Other: If you want Dexter to kill or go after your character, here's the place to suggest it C:

General plotting / anything else is welcome also on this post.
Dexter Morgan; blood spatter analyst.
17 October 2023 @ 01:29 pm

You've reached the voice mailbox of Dexter Morgan. Please leave a message after the tone.

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Dexter Morgan; blood spatter analyst.
22 October 2020 @ 07:42 am
You have reached the voice mailbox of: Dexter Morgan. Please record your message, and hang up when you've finished your recording.

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Dexter Morgan; blood spatter analyst.
10 October 2011 @ 12:12 am
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Dexter Morgan; blood spatter analyst.
A. Action on Goldberg Street or anywhere in town.

[Dexter has gathered for himself quite a little cache of weapons. Knives, mostly, though he did take the initiative to purchase a gun with his first paycheck here. He had become quite attached to his gray henley back home but of course without it or any of his supplies here he was a bit out of his depth. Still he did the best he could with what he could find, a pair of science goggles and rubber gloves accompanying his look as he kept an eye out for children who might need his protection. Something to kill also, wouldn't escape his realm of interest.]

B. Action for his household or any zombies/guests who might try to get in/seek protection.

[Dexter handed out the gloves and goggles to match the ones he wore for his 'children' and Rita. It was his job to protect them in any way he saw fit and he fully intended to do everything in his power.]

Remember, keep your mouth shut and cover your nose. [Now to board up the windows...]
Dexter Morgan; blood spatter analyst.
11 September 2011 @ 04:00 pm
A. Action for Rita.

[Dexter curls into the warmth of the other person in bed briefly before FLIPPING THE FUCK OUT. Like the quilt goes flying level of what just happened.]

Rita, I'm late. Sorry--I have to go.

B. Action for all of 830 Goldberg St.

[After his minor heart attack he's scoping out the house still in his pyjamas to see if there's anyone else in his house. Ignore his impromptu weapon of a fire-poker]

C. Phone.

So, this is new. I went to sleep in Miami and woke up in 1952. What a fun trick.

[yeah if he stays on the phone more than this he's going to flip out... but okay he needs to introduce himself first]

Dexter Morgan. Blood spatter pattern analyst. ...Or I was. DNA hasn't even been discovered yet, so I guess that makes me. [ pause ] Obsolete.

D. Open Action Goldberg St & beyond.

[Dexter isn't too happy with his wardrobe though it pales in comparison to the rest of this place. Where are his palm trees? His 100% humidity. His mother-of-pearl buttons. Everything is wrong, and he hates being out of control for even one second.

Virtually incapable of looking casual when it's usually as easy as breathing, Dexter meanders warily down the street, hands in his pockets and shoulders hunched.]
Dexter Morgan; blood spatter analyst.
10 April 2011 @ 10:24 pm
[A lazy afternoon. Cody was at a friend's, Astor was at a friend's. And he was packing Harrison carefully into the car, somehow sprouting extra arms to shake his bear and buckle him in at once. 10 and 2, Dexter checks his mirrors, leaving whatever boring talkshow came on the radio when he started the van. He's Mr. Mom today, but he has to wear his Award Winning Brother hat today too.

A trip to the park with Debra and her nephew. How ordinary.]

How's Quinn? [he forces himself to ask as his sister gets in.]
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Dexter Morgan; blood spatter analyst.
28 February 2011 @ 02:09 am
[Dexter helped his sister across the lawn, looking carefully for any lights on; for any sign of light along the suburban street. Nothing and so he followed his brother to the back door to his house. Sofia was at his apartment with the kids, and he'd sooner keep it that way. She needed another raise, he begrudgingly admitted to himself.

Carefully setting Deb up at the kitchen table, he moved to flick on the lights and grab a few water bottles. Everything looked dim and harsh in the sparse kitchen space and Dexter wasn't sure what he should be feeling, because all there was was ... numb. And a vague sense of relief.

He sat down across from Debra and shot a glance to Brian, sitting a water bottle in front of her and opening the cap to his own. There was a third for Brian on the table.]

Are you alright? [he asked softly of her, knowing how stupid it was, but needing to have it confirmed.]
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Dexter Morgan; blood spatter analyst.
17 February 2011 @ 04:16 am
[ After dinner was done, and the kids were in bed, Dexter gathered their beer and inclined his head in the direction of the sliding glass door - the obvious implication that Deb should follow him out.

He may have destroyed his relationship with his only [relatively] living relative the day before, but this, right now, mattered to him far more. His baby sister was hurting and he would see to it her pain ended, one way or another.

Dexter led in with a serious question:
] Do you want a hug?
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